• Transfer - Terms & Conditions


        • INTRA-District: I understand that transfers are not guaranteed and are based upon space availability.
        • School Sports: I understand that transfers are subject to California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) regulations. Please contact the athletic director at the school you are requesting to learn how this transfer will affect your child's athletic eligibility.
        • I understand that if a transfer is approved, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide transportation for the student. 
        • I understand my transfer may be revoked through the School Attendance Review Board (SARB) due to excessive absences, tardies, or is brought to school excessively early and/or left excessively late.
        • I understand that students must be enrolled in their school of residence while pending transfer approval. If you are unsure as to your “school of residence", you may use our district website www.psusd.usFind My School."
        • I understand that transfer requests are managed through a lottery system.
        • I understand that if the student has an IEP, the transfer will be approved if the requested school offers the same level of programming as indicated on the student’s IEP and if space is available in the program.
        • I understand that all permits are subject to review at any time should class overloads occur. Permits may be cancelled if continuance would lead to an enrollment overload as defined by district staffing level or California Law. Ed Code AR 5116.1
        • I understand that all permits are valid per student, per school, and not transferrable to another school. Transfer permit becomes void when enrollment is severed. 

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      INTER-District (out of district)

      • Riverside County

        Regulations and Policies Governing Interdistrict Attendance Permits

        1.  In accordance with Sections 46600 to 46609 of the Education Code, the school districts of Riverside County establish Interdistrict agreements annually which provide for the exchange of pupils.

        2.   The enrollment of pupils from districts, other than that of residence is not mandatory.  If there is sufficient room in the district, school, and program of desired attendance, requests will be considered, provided the reasons are justifiable and in accordance with district governing board policy. 

        Interdistrict Attendance Permits to leave the district of residence may be granted for the following reasons:

        1. Senior Student – The district may permit those pupils who are in the highest grade of elementary, middle or senior high school permission to graduate from the school which they have attended just prior to their move to another district.
        2. Specialized High School Program – Availability of a specialized high school program in the district of desired attendance was not available in the district of residence.  If the district of residence has a similar program at any school within the district, the student does not qualify under this category.  Note: One or two classes do not constitute a “program”.
        3. Planned Change of Residence – Specific and written evidence must be given that a residence in the district of desired attendance is being obtained.  Such permit should not be issued for longer than three months.
        4. School District Employment – Parent/legal guardian is a permanent employee of the school district of desired attendance. Verification must be provided.
        5. Child Care – These are to be initially granted only to kindergarten through eighth grade school age students, when it is impossible to arrange adequate childcare or supervision in the district of residence.  Verification must be provided.
        6. Bullying –Student has been determined by personnel of the district of residence to have been the victim of a “severe or pervasive” act of bullying by a student of the district of residence, as defined in Education Code 48900(r) and attempts by the district have not led to resolution of the problem.

        3.  Requests based upon convenience or personal preference may not be considered.

        4.  Transportation is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

        5.  Procedure for making application for Interdistrict attendance:

        1. Complete the Request for Interdistrict Attendance Permit and fill in “reasons for request” in space provided.  Provide any additional support documents as needed.  Be sure to sign the application.
        2. Submit the request for approval to the authorized district administrator in the district of residence.
        3. If approved, take request form to authorized administrator of school district of desired attendance.
        4. The parent/guardian will be notified by mail of the final decision regarding the request.

        If you have any questions pertaining to the procedure outlined above, the office from which you obtained this form in the school district of residence will assist you.

        6.  An Interdistrict Attendance Permit for Interdistrict attendance is valid only during the school year for which it is issued.  It is furthermore valid only while the conditions stated in the request are maintained; and will be continued in force only as long as the pupil’s attendance, citizenship, and scholarship are satisfactory to the school of attendance.

        7.  Falsification of any information stated on this request is cause for immediate revocation of an interdistrict transfer and no further application will be considered.

         8. California Interscholastic Federation grades 9-12 athletic eligibility may be negatively affected by this transfer. (CIF Southern Section Blue Book section 206)


        You must appeal to the district that denied your request prior to appealing to the County Board of Education.

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