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Community Liaisons

Name ... Phone Email
Deanna Bretado-Chavez Foster Youth Services (760) 832-3383
Lorena Castaneda Community Liaison (760) 218-0537
Yolanda Cordova Community Liaison (760) 835-8252
Olivia Zarco-Sale Homeless Youth Services (760) 835-4447
Viviana Velasquez Community Liaison (760) 695-7559
Leslie Coronado Community Liaison (760) 442-4912

Our Role

    • Assist students, staff, teachers, parents and community members.
    • Confer with teachers, parents and/or appropriate community agency personnel and assists in the evaluation of students' progress and/or making appropriate referrals.
    • Visit families in their homes and assesses situations, improves communication, provides information regarding school policies and programs and/or providing referrals.
    • Participate in various meetings as may be required (e.g. IEPs, parent/teacher meetings, etc.).
    • Perform record keeping and clerical functions (e.g. scheduling, copying, faxing, etc.).
    • Communicate with parents on behalf of school and ensures that an ongoing partnership between the home and school is formed, and language and cultural barriers are removed.
    • Conduct parent meetings and gains information and discusses needs and problems involving students and their families.
    • Coordinate with community leaders and organizations and builds resources and expanding program capabilities.
    • Refer students and their families to outside agencies (e.g. state agencies, medical professionals, counselors, foundations, charities, etc.).