Mail Reprographics

Our Role

  • Mail/Reprographics
    150 District Center Drive
    Palm Springs, CA 92262
    (760) 322-4116 Ext 3

    Our Role:

    • Provide daily Mail Services to the sites and process their printing requests
    • Sort and distribute inter-district Mail on time to all sites and departments. 
    • Process all US Mail and deliver to the US Postal Service daily. 
    • Produce a quality Reprographics product and deliver to sites per due dates on requisition. 
    • Produce special printing projects for the sites and departments. 
    • Operate to save the district labor hours and money. 


    Services We Provide

    • Distribution of First Class, Standard, Non-Profit and special mail. 
    • Distribution of Inter-district mail from and to all sites. 
    • Provide Reprographics printing for all the district. 
    • Provide timely finished products for our customers. 
    • Receive and process printing requests for all departments throughout district.

    Print Services

    • Black and White Copies
    • Color Copies (with budget code)
    • Wide Format Printing (up to 65" wide)
    • Laminating
    • Business Cards
    • Programs
    • Brochures
    • Envelope Printing
    • Cloth and Comb Binding
    • Padding
    • NCR Forms
    • Design Work


Reprographics Team