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    Palm Springs Unified School District provides vibrant, diverse and comprehensive Visual, Performing and Media Arts programs throughout the district, that focus on maximizing the creative potential of all of our students. The main focus of the Visual and Performing Arts Programs has always been to supplement the elementary arts, with some secondary events and enrichment to help build a strong foundation, appreciation and love of all forms of the arts. 

    We have an eclectic and talented group of Artists-in-Residence that focus on elementary school classrooms and provide art experiences in the contrasting art disciplines, as well as two specialized programs in our middle schools.


    Press Release - September 25, 2019

    The Palm Springs Board of Education at its meeting last evening asserted its mission to provide  fair and equitable arts education and opportunities for all District students with the approval of the “Declaration of the Rights of All Students to Equity in Arts Learning.” PSUSD is the first district in the Coachella Valley to become an Arts Equity District. The declaration includes the District’s commitment to: equitable access to standards-based arts learning; the right of students to fully develop their creative potential at every grade level and engage in arts education that reflects, respects and builds on students’ culture, language and background; and access to arts learning programs and resources at grade every level.

    PSUSD Visual and Performing Arts Coordinator Barbara Anglin presented the Declaration overview at last night’s meeting, which included information on PSUSD’s arts programs and partnerships, plans to develop a Strategic Plan for the Arts, and  the District’s partnership with the California Alliance for Arts Education and Arts Now. Six District students, ranging from third through twelfth graders, each shared one of the declaration statements before the Board members gave unanimous approval.


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