• How to log on to the Keenan SafeSchools training program:

    1. Go to http://psusd.keenan.safeschools.com/login

    2. Your user name is: your six digit employee ID number. This MUST be six digits long. If your employee ID number is less than six digits, add a zero in the beginning of your ID.

    3. Once you enter your username, the system will verify who you are. If it is correct, click the “Log Me In” button.

    4. Start a course by clicking on the course title. The courses have audio so be sure to turn up your speakers.

    5. You must complete each section and pass the quiz in order to pass each course.

    6. If you see the word "certificate" next to the mandatory training, that means you have completed the course.

    7. No need to send in copies of your certificates. The district would prefer to go paperless and will keep an electronic record of the course you complete. Keenan will email reminders to those who still have courses to complete prior to the deadline. You may print your certificates for your records.

    8. Optional: You also have access to take additional courses of interest to you through Keenan SafeSchools.