• In addition to benefits provided by the district, there is an opportunity to purchase other coverage at a discounted group rate with the convenience of a payroll deduction.

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    Customer Service (800) 365-9180

    Jason Czajkowski (619) 665-0890    Jason.Czajkowski@americanfidelity.com

    Appointment Scheduling Link: https://enroll.americanfidelity.com/6B4FA2C9

    Accident Only Insurance - American Fidelity https://americanfidelity.com/accident

    Cancer Insurance – American Fidelity https://americanfidelity.com/accident


    FBC Deferred Compensation Program

    FBC Deferred Compensation Program

    Miguel Marin, STRS/PERS Retirement Plan Advisor (760) 285-7279

    The Fringe Benefits Consortium Deferred Compensation Program (FBC), serving member districts in San Diego County, Riverside County, and Imperial County, is a retirement program designed to help educators build and grow their savings in order to achieve their retirement dreams. They assist the District with 403(b) and 457(b) plans.

    FBC 403(b)/457(b) Flyer - Miguel Marin

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    Legal Plan – MetLaw (formerly Hyatt Legal)

    1 (800) 821-6400

    Palm Springs Unified School District offers you the opportunity to purchase Legal Services through Hyatt Legal Plans at discounted group rates. You pay for this coverage with after-tax dollars through convenient payroll deductions. This plan provides coverage for a number of legal matters such as will preparation, buying or selling a primary home, document review, civil litigation defense by telephone and office consultations for numerous matters (except employment related), business or pre-existing matters.

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    Customer Service (800) 522-0406

    Josh Hayes - (909) 674-2962   josh.hayes@standard.com

    You're the reason we're here. Your financial well-being and peace of mind matter because you matter. Not because they serve our bottom line. We believe you deserve to live and work feeling confident in tomorrow. We challenge ourselves to go above and beyond to serve you every day. Not as a number or a policy — but as a person.

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    Long Term Care

    (760) 718-2426

    Long-Term Care is the insurance policy you'll need when you can no longer take care of yourself independently. It allots you to receive personal care at your home or a certified care facility. The largest misconception is that it's expensive and only used for mature individuals. Long-Term Care is beneficial for any age 18-79 who require assistance to perform basic activities of daily living (ADL's) such as dressing, bathing, eating, toileting, continence, and transferring. When an individual needs assistance with any two of these ADL's, it highly beneficial to have a Long-Term Care policy in place. It secures your peace of mind. 


    Voluntary MetLife Life Insurance

     (800) 438-6388

    In addition to the District paid Basic Term Life and AD&D coverage, you may elect to purchase additional Term Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance at discounted group rates provided by MetLife. You pay for this coverage with after-tax dollars through convenient payroll deductions. You may elect coverage as follows:

    • Employee: You may purchase coverage for yourself in increments of $10,000 up to a maximum benefit of $500,000, not to exceed 5 times your annual salary.
    • Spouse: If you buy coverage for yourself, you may also purchase coverage for your eligible spouse. Benefits for your spouse are available in increments of $10,000 to a maximum benefit of $500,000 and may not exceed 100% of your employee election.
    • Child(ren): If you buy coverage for yourself, you may also purchase coverage for your eligible dependent child (ren) in the following amounts: Age: live birth to 25 years: Flat $2,500, $5,000 or $10,000.




    Through SchoolsFirst

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    Schools First Federal Credit Union

    Jaime Ochoa

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    Membership Development 

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