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  • Our Role:

    • Assist employees and the public in the usage of Ed Join online application system; 
    • Coordinate and participate in aggressive recruitment to find the best teachers possible for our schools and to find teachers in the hard to fill positions (math, science and special education); 
    • Coordinate and participate in the recruitment and selection of administration staff;
    • Develop and conduct new employee orientation program for newly hired substitute teachers; 
    • Respond to day-to-day questions from administrators and certificated staff; 
    • Process paperwork for payroll and accounting (i.e. creating/deleting positions, staffing changes, and pay increases); 
    • Monitor certificated teachers to adhere to California credential requirements as dictated by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing;
    • District school year calendars;
    • Arrange for substitute coverage for a variety of certificated positions; 
    • Maintain teacher evaluation process and procedures;
    • Contract Negotiations with Collective Bargaining Units;
    • Assist administrators in the review of Collective Bargaining Agreement in an ongoing basis to minimize grievances; 
    • Investigate all personnel complaints;
    • Honor all laws in due process rights;
    • Maintain all employee files and keep confidentiality a top priority