Emergency Preparedness

    •   An emergency can affect only one school or the entire school district. Our schools have plans in place that anticipate many kinds of emergencies and have conducted training and drills so that school staff is prepared to respond.

    Parents Brochure

                PSUSD’s Families’ Guide to: Emergency Situations at schools (pdf)

                Guia de las Familias del PSUSD para: Situaciones de Emergencia en las escuelas (pdf)

    Overview of PSUSD’s Emergency Preparedness (pdf)

      English Version

      Spanish Version

    Emergency Response Plan

    The school district system has conducted many training programs with school staff members and on-site emergency response drills.  Some of these drills have been with personnel from local fire department and the police departments in order to review and improve the system’s emergency response procedures.

    • Local School Emergency Response Plans: Plans include school site information, staff responsibilities in time of emergency, and general guidelines for response in different kinds of incidents and plans for drills throughout the school year.
    • School Emergency Response Teams (SERT) each school has staff members trained in SERT.  This training includes:  First-aid; search and rescue; light firefighting; emergency response and Incident Command System.
    • Emergency Incident Kits: First aid supplies along with SERT Kits have been provided to each school. Each school also has a supply of emergency water and food bars.

    Palm Springs Unified School District emergency training overview

    English version (pdf)

    Spanish version (pdf)

     Protective Actions

    Each school has procedures to shelter or evacuate children and to provide a lockdown or modified lockdown for security-related emergencies. Our buildings are constructed to provide a safe shelter during an incident. In many situations, children are safer in school than in the home or on the highway.

    Emergency Communications

    If an emergency occurs during school hours:

    • Do not drive to the school unless directed to do so.
    • Do not call the school.
    • Tune to news media for emergency instructions.

    Parents should check the following sources for information and status reports:

    ·         Web - www.PSUSD.com

    ·         Local Television

    Channel 2 - KPSP - www.kpsplocal2.com

    Channel 3 - KESQ - www.kesq.com

    Channel 6 – KMIR - www.kmir6.com 

    Channel 11 – KDFX -

    Channel 12   - Univision


    ·         Local Radio

    KKUU – 92.7 - FM

    KCLB – 93.7 - FM

    KWXY – 98.5 - FM

    KJJZ - 102.3 – FM

    KEZN – 103.1 - FM

    KPLM – 106.1-FM

    KDGL – 106.9 - FM

    KPSI - 920 - AM

    KNWZ – 970 - AM

    KXPS – 1010 – AM

    KNWQ – 1140 – AM

    KPTR – 1340 - AM