• Agreement Requests

  • The Purchasing Services department continually strives to improve customer service to all sites, departments and vendors.  While there is an established process for agreements associated with services provided to the District, we are currently working on further streamlining the process which will hopefully make things easier and faster for all while remaining compliant with all policies, statutes and regulations.

    Please keep in mind that established District policy must be followed when vendors are providing any type of service, whether they will be on site or not. Vendors wishing to provide services to our sites shall be given a Vendor Welcome Packet, which includes the following forms and information.  These guidelines apply to any current District employee or PERS/STRS retiree, including Athletic Officials.

  • W-9 - This form is required when a Service Provider has not previously done business with the District. This form must list a street address, forms with PO Box addresses only will not be accepted. This form must be signed by the Service Provider.

    CA 587/590 - These forms are required for Out of State Providers and must be signed by the Service Provider. Additional information can be found in the District's Tax Form Information Letter.

    Proposal - Either the District-created template or the Service Provider's own proposal can be used, as long as all necessary information is included. All proposals must be signed by the Provider. A fillable PDF form is available for use by any interested provider or vendor.

    School Site Safety Certification - This form is required any time services will be provided on campus, whether students are present or not. Must be signed by the Service Provider and IF Options 3 or 4 are selected, the site must have an Administrator sign their acknowledgement where indicated.

    FOR VENDORS PROVIDING MAINTENANCE OR PUBLIC WORKS SERVICES - The District will require all vendors providing these types of services be registered with the Department of Industrial Relations, and must submit the District's DIR Compliance Form.

    PSUSD Terms & Conditions - Acceptance of the District-issued PO or Contract signifies the Service Provider has read, understands and accepts the District's standard Terms & Conditions.

    Certificate of Insurance - Must be provided by Corporations only; however ALL Service Providers are required to maintain coverage with their own insurance policy. The District may, at its discretion request proof of this coverage at any time. Please see the PSUSD Terms & Conditions link above for further details regarding required insurance coverage.

    The site shall be responsible for providing the Service Provider with a copy of this packet, or directing them to the District website for an electronic copy. Certain providers will not need a Vendor Packet - please click here for a list of these exemptions.

    All Service Providers shall return the completed Vendor Welcome Packet to the site, who will then review to ensure all required documents and signatures have been included and then move forward with the agreement process.  No work should begin until and unless a District-issued Contract and Agreement has been provided to the Service Provider.