• Q: What is the difference between the California State Preschool Program (CSPP) and Federal Head Start (HS) program?

    A: The main difference is the funding source. Head Start is funded by the Federal Government and CSPP is funded by the State of California. The income requirements vary by program.  Both programs use the same EXACT curriculum. 


    Q: Is Head Start or State Preschool childcare?

    A: No, these programs are education-based.


    Q: Do I have to sign up my child for an Early Childhood Education program?

    A: No, these ECE programs are optional, not mandatory. Unlike K-12, these programs are not required for students.


    Q: Can I apply for both Head Start and State Preschool?

    A: Yes, you can apply for both programs. However, if you are doing so, you must submit 2 separate applications for both programs.


    Q: Can I fill out an application online?

    A: No. Applications are only available in the Early Childhood Education office (located in the Palm Springs Unified School District main building) and must be picked up in-person. The application may be taken home and brought back another business day.


    Q: What happens after an application is submitted?

    A: Once the application is deemed COMPLETE, it must be processed and income must be calculated. After approval, the family is contacted and offered a spot in one of our classrooms and an appointment is set so that they may complete additional paperwork. Once the child has met the health requirements, they can begin attending. 


    Q: Does the child need to bring a lunch or any supplies?

    A: No, the program supplies all the necessary supplies and meals.