Our Vision and Beliefs


    ECE Program Mission Statement

    The dedicated staff of the ECE Programs in conjunction with the district will partner with its students, their families and the community to provide each entity with integrated services that promote the most appropriate educational and social service opportunities.  Implementation will be done in a safe, secure, healthy, nurturing environment, so all individuals achieve their full potential as contributing members of the community.



    ECE Program Philosophy

    Our philosophy is to provide a program that offers a challenging and supportive environment where children can explore, question and create without fear of failure or criticism.  The staff is to nurture each child’s self-confidence and problem-solving skills.  Children in the Palm Springs Unified School District’s Early Childhood Education Program develop a positive attitude toward school and leave prepared for kindergarten.



    • Students and their future are at the core of every decision.
    • Individual potential is reached through relevant, rigorous educational experiences with positive relationships.
    • Lifelong success requires lifelong learning.
    • Good decisions result from collaboration with stakeholders.
    • Respecting the diversity of others is essential to a healthy community.
    • Civil Rights are fragile, necessitate protection and are balanced with accountability and responsibility.
    • Learning occurs best in environments characterized by safety and managed by high expectations.
    • Different learning styles require a wide variety of teaching techniques.
    • Good Governance is characterized by fair treatment of all stakeholders, transparency and all financial stewardship of all resources.
    • An effective, qualified staff, highly trained and supported, is fundamental to the district’s success.


    Academic achievement

    Ensure that all students achieve individual academic goals and attain proficiency in state standards:

    • Develop the academic and interpersonal skills students need for the 21st century
    • Ensure that all second language learners achieve proficiency in English.
    • Teach standards-aligned curriculum that provides enrichment and support.
    • Integrate technology, visual arts, and performing arts throughout the curriculum.

    Parent/Community Partnerships

    Collaborate with families and community to ensure all students are actively engaged in learning and connected with meaningful ways to their schools through the community:

    • Increase student attendance and participation in their own learning.
    • Enhance student/community involvement.
    • Develop partnerships with business and philanthropic community.


    Safe and Secure Environments

    Provide all students with a safe and secure learning environment characterized by responsible, respectful, and ethical behavior by the entire school’s community:

    • Provide additional facilities to relieve overcrowding at schools and optimize student learning.
    • Supplement academic curricula with character building and student support programs
    • Enhance existing systems to maintain safe campuses.
    • Implement and regularly update disaster and emergency preparedness and response plan.


    Human Resources Development

    Actively recruit, develop and retain highly qualified and effective staff:

    • Develop a comprehensive recruitment plan for hard-to-reach staff positions
    • Recruit a diverse staff that reflects our population.
    • Create and implement a comprehensive, research-based professional development plan.
    • Retain staff through positive work climate, culture and recognition.