Formal Bid & RFP Results

  • Recaps of pricing received in response to Formal Bids and Request for Proposals (RFPs) for the current Fiscal Year may be viewed below and are usually made available within 48 hours of bid opening.  Recap information for prior Fiscal Years or additional information to what is shown on the recaps below may be obtained by submitting a written Public Records Request; however, the name of an awarded vendor or contractor can only be disclosed after formal award has been approved by the Palm Springs Unified School District's Board of Education.

    A Public Records Request may also be submitted for information regarding Formal Bids and RFPs awarded in prior Fiscal Years or by visiting the Palm Springs Unified School District Agenda On-line website at

    Details pertaining to informal requests for quote, please contact the person to whom the quote was provided.

    Requests under the California Public Records Act, including Bids and RFPs for prior Fiscal Years, please fully complete and submit the PSUSD Public Records Request Form provided in the link below.

    All requests will be addressed in a timely manner, but if additional contact is needed - please call Jennifer Brown at (760) 883-2710 Option 3 then Option 1

    Any formal solicitation containing a piggyback clause that was accepted by the awarded vendor will be denoted with an asterisk below and links to all necessary documents listed there as well.

    Below are recaps for Bids and RFP's for the current Fiscal Year; prior years' records may be requested as outlined above.


  • RFP No./Title/Buyer