• Special Education Eligibility

    Qualifying Disabilities

    The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) defines 13 disabilities under which children ages 3 - 21 years old may be eligible to receive special education services. 




    Emotional Disturbance

    Hearing Impairment

    intellectual Disability

    Multiple Disabilities

    Orthopedic Impairment

    Other Health Impairment

    Specific Learning Disability

    Speech or Language Impairment

    Traumatic Brain Injury

    Visual Impairment


    Infants and toddlers under three years of age may be eligible to receive early intervention services if diagnostic instruments and procedures indicate they are delayed in one or more of the following areas:

    Cognitive Development

    Physical Development

    Communication Development

    Social-Emotional Development

    Social or Emotional Development

    Adaptive Development

    If a student does not meet the special education eligibility requirement, (i.e. the student's disability did not significantly affecting the student's ability to learn) a student may qualify for services or accommodations under Section 504.  Students who qualify under Section 504 are not required to have a written IEP document; however, there may be a written 504 plan.