All additional changes to a school site must have Cabinet approval.  Examples are shade structures, gardens, security cameras, donated or PTG funded requests, etc.  An MCP form must be filled out completely and approved by Cabinet.

    Changes to space at district sites also requires Cabinet approval.  Examples of this could include moving to new offices, moving classes of students to a new location, etc.

    The MCP Request form and the SAR Form may now be found on Informed K12.  Site administrators may request new improvements and/or additions to existing facilities using the following process.

    Adherence to this procedure will allow your request to receive the proper attention and, if approved, the appropriate funding.

     The MCP and/or SAR Request forms are to be filled out completely and signed by the originator and site principal/Administrator.


    • The completed K12 form will automatically go to the Facilities Planning Clerk for review at a Facilities Task Force Committee meeting held every Thursday for MCP’s. SAR Committee meetings are held when needed.  The feasibility, scope of work, estimated costs, tentative timeline, and funding source will be   Please attach photos, quotes, or any other helpful information to the K12 Form.


    • The Facilities Task Force Committee includes staff from Facilities Planning and Development, Maintenance and Operations, and Purchasing departments.


    • Recommendations and/or more information may be requested by the committee, and if information is not received within 30-days, the originator will be advised and a new MCP Request will have to be


    • After the committee has reviewed a completed MCP Request, it will be forwarded to the Assistant Superintendent, Business Services, who will take it to the next Cabinet meeting to review and make a final


    • Staff from the Facilities Planning and Development Department will notify the originator and site principal/Administrator of the status of the request and how to



    Click here to fill out the MCP/SAR Form