• Public Safety AcademyPSA is a non-profit coed public high school program for students (9th-12th grade) interested in criminal justice, forensic science, fire service, and Emergency Medical Responder. Students attend academic courses and a PSA elective course as a grade level team. Learning occurs through academics, field trips, hands-on skills, scenarios, competitions, and guest instructors. 

    PSA is a joint sponsored program through Palm Springs Unified School District, Learning for Life Exploring, and our industry sponsors. PSA is funded through the California Department of Education’s California Partnership Academies grant, “a school within a school” model.

    PSA Academy

Mission Statement

  • Through the integration of structured curriculum, students will:

    Prepare to enter college and/or the public safety workforce.


    Successfully use 21st century skills.


    Act appropriately when faced with ethical dilemmas.

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