Mental Health Referral

Parent Referral

  • If you are interested in services for a student attending PSUSD please complete the referral form in its entirety. You will be asked to enter your child's medical information. Please use this referral if your child has Medi-Cal insurance.


    Click on the photo for the referral link:

PSUSD Staff Referral

  • If you are a PSUSD staff member and are interested in making a referral for a student who is in need of mental health services, please use this referral link. You will be asked identifying and medical information for the student. The student you are referring should have Medi-Cal insurance. 


    Click on the photo for the referral link:

Care Solace Referral

  • If you would like to refer a student who has private medical insurance, the Care Solace referral will allow you to be connected to a therapy agency or group that is matched to the student's specific treatment needs. You can also email or call 888-515-0595  


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