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  • PBIS is a multi-tiered framework – three tiers, to be exact. Each tier aligns to the type of support students need.


    Tier 2: Targeted Prevention (Some)

    Tier 2 systems, data, and practices provide targeted support for students who are not successful with Tier 1 supports alone. The focus is on supporting students who are at risk for developing more serious problem behavior before those behaviors start. Tier 2 supports often involve group interventions with 10 or more students participating. The support at this level is more focused than Tier 1 and less intensive than Tier 3.

    Tier 2 foundational systems include:

    • An intervention team with a coordinator
    • Behavioral expertise
    • Fidelity and outcome data are collected
    • A screening process to identify students needing Tier 2 support
    • Access to training and technical assistance

    Tier 2 practices include:

    • Increased instruction and practice with self-regulation and social skills
    • Increased adult supervision
    • Increased opportunities for positive reinforcement
    • Increased pre-corrections
    • Increased focus on possible function of problem behaviors
    • Increased access to academic supports



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