Campus Security Officers

  • The responsibility and purpose of a Campus Security Officers is to promote and maintain a safe environment for students and staff of the Palm Springs Unified School District.  Campus Security Officers provide important security services, making it possible for all members of the District to participate in academic and extra-curricular activities on all campuses. 

     Campus Security Officers are civilian employees who are unarmed.  Their primary role, within the limits of the law and the authority granted by the School District, is to protect the persons and property of the District. This mission is accomplished through the following model: Prevention, Observation and Reporting.

     Campus Security Officers are generally deployed to all high schools and intermediate schools.  They are responsible for security concerns on and around the immediate perimeter of their assigned campus.  Other authorized functions may include monitoring and implementing safety standards established by the District, enforcing District safety rules and regulations, monitoring facility access control, and providing security at special events.  All District Security Officers are required to receive training and certification, by an authorized agency, in accordance with California Education Code Section 72330.5 (Senate Bill 1626) School Security Training course, including First Aid/CPR/AED certification.


    Campus Security Officers are a vital resource in crime prevention and maintaining order.  Proactive, highly visible District Safety Officers leverage the ability of security teams.


    Campus Security Officers are trained in observing and recording pertinent information when crimes occur, documenting crime trend information and preventive strategies.


    Campus Security Officers are essential in reporting information to site administrators and School Police Officers to ensure for the safety of students and staff.