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    What Does It Mean that My Child is GATE?

    If your child has been identified as GATE, this means that after looking at academic and abilities tests as well as parent and teacher surveys, it has determined that he or she is intellectually within the top 3-5% of students in the District. Because of this, your student has special educational needs. These needs include enriching the curriculum by adding acceleration, depth, complexity and novelty. Acceleration is going at a faster pace so students are not spending too much time on things they already know how to do. Depth is exploring concepts and ideas in a deeper way, asking higher level thinking questions. Complexity is making connections across subject areas and life beyond school. Novelty is taking what has been learned and using that knowledge to create something new. These things are good for all students but they are especially important for GATE students who need more challenge to keep their minds active and engaged.

    Please always feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments. I can be reached at (760) 221-1942 emickelson@psusd.us or by using the contact form on the Home Page. Si a usted le gustaría recibir ayuda en Español, por favor 
    contacte el districto 760-416-6073. Thanks! Erik