• High School Course Overview and Description (Hybrid)

    Classes at DLA are moving towards a full implementation of blended, online learning.  Students spend a minimum of one day a week receiving direct instruction from highly qualified teachers.  At the current time this instruction will be through live Zoom sessions. They then continue their learning at home through the use of Edgenuity courses.  These courses have videos of teachers teaching the concepts, interactive practice, lab assignments, journal activities and mastery quizzes.  When students or parents need additional help, there is a live teacher available to help. Combination programs are also available that allow students to take one or two classes at their home school, allowing for participation in band or other areas of need.

    Students 9th-12th take a range of courses in Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, Social Sciences, History, World Languages, and Electives. PE is required. Some activities available depending on grade are ASB and Art. All courses are towards graduating with A-G requirements


  • Ms. Melanie Borun, 760-778-0487 x2506

    • Core Classes: The Living Earth, Chemistry in the Earth System
    • Electives: Science of Health and Wellness, Forensic Science, Business Leadership, Business Finance
    • Degrees: Bachelor's degree in Biology from University of San Diego, Master's degree in Educational Administration and Supervision from Loyola University of Chicago
    • Teaching Credentials: Single Subject Life Science
    • Years in Education: 14
    • Online Learning Certification: Leading Edge 

    Mr. David Escamilla, 760-778-0487 x2512

    • Core Classes: Integrated Math I, Integrated Math II, Integrated Math III
    • Degrees: Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from San Carlos National University of Guatemala
    • Teaching Credentials: Single Subject Mathematics
    • Years in Education: 7
    • Additional Languages: Spanish

    Ms. Veronica Moreno-Nicholas, 760-778-0487 x2505

    • Core Classes: Integrated Math (I,II,III), CTE Courses
    • Degrees: BS in Mechanical Engineering, MA Organizational Management
    • Teaching Credentials: Clear Single Subject Credential in Technology & Industrial Education; Clear Single Subject Credential in Business; Supplemental Credeential in Mathematics
    • Years in Education: 22 (College & High School Levels)
    • Online Learning Certification: Learning Edge   
    • Professional Licensure: Professional Engineer (PE) MEX
    • Additional Languages: Spanish-educated native speaker
  • Ms. Theresa Colby, 760-778-0487 x2506

    • Core Classes: English I, English II, English III, ERWC, AP English Language and Composition
    • Electives: Media Literacy
    • Degrees: Bachelor's degree in English from California State University, San Bernardino, Master's degree in Educational Technology from Azusa Pacific University.
    • Teaching Credentials: Single Subject English
    • Years in Education: 30
    • Online Learning Certification: Leading Edge 

    Ms. Mirta Valenzuela, 760-778-0487 x2511

    • Core Classes: Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III, AP Spanish Language and Culture
    • Electives: Success 101, Freshman Seminar
    • Degrees: Bachelor's degree in Spanish and ESL from Andrews University in Michigan, Master's in Teaching English as a Second Language from Azusa Pacific University
    • Teaching Credentials: Single Subject Spanish, Single Subject English
    • Years in Education: 20
    • Online Learning Certification: Leading Edge 
    • Additional Languages: Spanish, Serbian, Croatian

    Mr. Roberto Wheaton, 760-778-0487 x2512

    • Core Classes: Civics, Economics, World History, U.S. History, AP World History, AP Government
    • Electives: Psychology, AP Psychology, Sociology, Social Problems
    • Degrees: Dual Bachelor’s degrees in Earth Science and Social Science from University of Idaho, Master’s degree in Administration from California State University, San Bernardino
    • Teaching Credentials: Single Subject Geoscience, Single Subject Social Science
    • Years in Education: 36
    • Online Learning Certification: Leading Edge