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  • The Mission of Desert Learning Academy 

    Desert Learning Academy provides rigorous high-quality personalized hybrid learning experiences to all students, with a strategic focus on character development, career and college readiness, and technology skill refinement.   

    The Vision of Desert Learning Academy

    Every learner attending Desert Learning Academy can use blended learning to realize their full potential.

    Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

    • Technology:
      • Students will locate, organize, understand, critically analyze, and use information from various sources using a variety of technologies.
    • Communication:
      • Students will communicate clearly and effectively using a variety of different communication tools including cooperative and collaborative learning groups.
    • Critical Thinking:
      • Students will apply critical thinking skills and reasoning to demonstrate continuous inquiry, problem solving, and reflective learning.
    • Life Skills:
      • Students will use effective self-management and interpersonal skills to develop a mindset for lifelong learning and self-improvement.
    • Content Learning:
      • Students will demonstrate mastery of each discipline's content standards, principles, methodologies, and perspectives.
    • Accountability/Responsibility:
      • Students will develop a maturing sense of ethics and accountability and the ability to make healthy, responsible and sustainable life choices based on appropriate autonomous goal setting.