***Students interested in any of the courses will be automatically enrolled in the dual program & are expected to attend class/activites on announced days. All courses are open to Middle School & High School students***


    ASB represents the student body of DLA (K-12). Students hold officer positions, plan events, activities, or anything that caters to students of DLA. Students attend meetings to approve items on the agenda, make proposals, or voice on behalf of DLA students. 



    Leadership is where students learn and develop leadership skills. This includes but is not limited to encouraging student involvement, collaboration, teamwork, creating, etc. Students in Leadership apply their skills to ASB and officer positions. 



    The Video Production course is where students will introduce students to different techniques and practices in creating videos from pre-production to post-production. This includes, but is not limited to, an overview of camera equipment, functions, lighting, editing, etc. Video Production students also work on creating monthly or bi-weekly episodes on YouTube for Desert Stream, DLA's official school network. Please expect to come to campus some days every week for class or recording sessions. 



    Desert Stream is DLA's official school network that airs monthly or bi-weekly episodes on YouTube to inform students about upcoming events, school announcements, or additional information. Video Production students work on assigned segments that are arranged into each episode for DLA students and families. Students work as a team from pre-production to post-production of each episode.