• Middle School Course Overview and Description

    Home schooling can be a challenge for students and guardians.  Desert Learning Academy Middle School strives to ensure families have the resources to make distance learning a positive experience for everyone.  Most importantly DLA uses a high quality, rigorous, online learning platform. This system is easy to follow for students and even provides parents and guardians with their own portal for supporting and monitoring their student.  Highly qualified content teachers are available to support families as well. This support may be whole group or small group instruction, goal setting, individual Zoom sessions, or parent support meetings.  The academic foundation students will receive at DLA will ensure they are ready for high school, college and beyond.

    We also recognize that middle school students need socialization.  Opportunities for positive, structured peer interaction are a big part of this program.  Weekly grade level classes help students learn to work in cooperative groups.  Art projects, field trips, and college visitations also will return to be a part of this well rounded program once health concerns are no longer an issue.

    Flexibility is also a key part of the DLA program design.  This any time...anywhere instructional model gives families the choice they need in these challenging times.  Whether students want to work independently, or need more frequent intervals of  support, the program flexes with those changing needs.  


    Palm Springs Tram Hike

    Field Trip

    Field Trip