Desert Learning Academy Administration and Staff


  • Administration

    Dr. Michael J. Grainger, Principal

    Office telephone phone: 760-778-0487 x1401

    Cell number: 949-702-4055


      Administrative Secretary (Bilingual)

    Ms. Mariana Anguiano, Phone: 760-778-0487 x1402





    Ms. Rosalia Mendoza, Phone: 760-778-0487 x1420

    Cell number: 760-676-9375 

    Desert Learning  Academy Faculty Directory

  • Elementary School, Grades 1-5

    Telephone (760)778-0487

    • Ms. Moore, Grade 1st
    • Ms. Knight, Grade 2nd
    • Mr. Rexall-Scott, Grade 3rd
    • Ms. Rabanova. Grae 4th
    • Mr. Ferrell, Grade 5th


    Middle School, Grades 6-8

    Ms. Fabiano, Grade 6th 760-778-0487

    • Core Classes: Math and Science
    • Degrees: Bachelor’s Degree from Cal State San Bernardino, Master’s Degree in Instructional Technology
    • Teaching Credential: Multiple Subject 
    • Years in Education: 15 years
    • Online Learning Certification: Leading Edge

    Mr. Svoboda, Grade 7th 760-778-0487 

    • Core Classes: Language Arts, Math, Science, & Social Studies
    • Degrees: BS Elementary Education; MA Elementary Curriculum & Instruction; ABD: Organizational Leadership
    • Teaching Credential: Multiple Subject
    • Years in Education: 26
    • Online Learning Certification: Edgenuity/Accelerate trained 

    Ms. Syfert, Grade 8th 760-778-0487 x2204

    • Core Classes: English, Social Science
    • Degrees: Bachelor's degree from Concordia University, Irvine, Master's degree in Education
    • Teaching Credentials: Multiple Subject, Specialist Instruction in Special Education
    • Years in Education: 28 
    • Online Learning Certification: Leading Edge certificated

    Special Education 

    Ms. Brennan, Special Education, 760-778-0487 x2509

    • Support Subjects: Mathematics, Reading, Writing
    • Degrees: Bachelor's degree in Special Education/General Education from Western Michigan University, Master's degree from Chapman University in Special Education, Maser's degree in Education (Middle Grades) from California State University, San Bernardino
    • Teaching Credentials: Multiple Subject, Resource Specialist, Specialist Instruction in Special Education
    • Years in Education: 28

    Mr. De La Cruz, Special Education, 760-778-0487 x2508

    • Support Subjects: ELA, Math, Science, & History
    • Degrees: Master in Special Education
    • Teaching Credentials: Education Specialist
    • Years in Education: 10
  • High School, Grades 9-12

    Ms. Borun, 760-778-0487  mborun@psusd.us

    • Core Classes: The Living Earth, Chemistry in the Earth System, Physics
    • Electives: Science of Health and Wellness, Forensic Science
    • Degrees: Bachelor's degree in Biology from University of San Diego, Master's degree in Educational Administration and Supervision from Loyola University of Chicago
    • Teaching Credentials: Single Subject Life Science
    • Years in Education: 16
    • Online Learning Certification: Leading Edge 

    Ms. Colby, 760-778-0487  tcolby@psusd.us

        • Core Classes: English I, English II, English III, ERWC, AP English Language and Composition
        • Electives: Media Literacy
        • Degrees: Bachelor's degree in English from California State University, San Bernardino, Master's degree in Educational Technology from Azusa Pacific University.
        • Teaching Credentials: Single Subject English
        • Years in Education: 22
        • Online Learning Certification: Leading Edge 

    Mr. Escamilla, 760-778-0487  dbarriosescamilla@psusd.us

    • Core Classes: Integrated Math I, Integrated Math II, Integrated Math III
    • Degrees: Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from San Carlos National University of Guatemala, Master in Education
    • Teaching Credentials: Single Subject Mathematics
    • Years in Education: 3
    • Additional Languages: Spanish

    Ms. Moreno-Nicholas, 760-778-0487   vnicholas@psusd.us

    • Core Classes: CTE Courses & Work Experience (Permits), Math Support
    • Degrees: BS in Mechanical Engineering, MA in Organizational Management
    • Teaching Credentials: Clear Single Subject Credential in Technology & Industrial Education; Clear Single Subject Credential in Business; Supplemental Credential in Mathematics
    • Years in Education: 23 (College & High School Levels)
    • Online Learning Certification: Learning Edge   
    • Professional Licensure: Professional Engineer (PE) MEX
    • Additional Languages: Biliterated English/ Spanish 

    Ms. Valenzuela, 760-778-0487  mvalenzuela@psusd.us

    • Core Classes: Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III, AP Spanish Language and Culture
    • Electives: Success 101, Freshman Seminar
    • Degrees: Bachelor's degree in Spanish and ESL from Andrews University in Michigan, Master's in Teaching English as a Second Language from Azusa Pacific University
    • Teaching Credentials: Single Subject Spanish, Single Subject English
    • Years in Education: 20
    • Online Learning Certification: Leading Edge 
    • Additional Languages: Spanish, Serbian, Croatian

    Mr. Wheaton, 760-778-0487   rwheaton@psusd.us

    • Core Classes: Civics, Economics, World History, U.S. History, AP World History, AP Government
    • Electives: Psychology, AP Psychology, Sociology, Social Problems
    • Degrees: Dual Bachelor’s degrees in Earth Science and Social Science from University of Idaho, Master’s degree in Administration from California State University, San Bernardino
    • Teaching Credentials: Single Subject Geoscience, Single Subject Social Science
    • Years in Education: 36
    • Online Learning Certification: Leading Edge  
  • Paraeducators

    Ms. Andrea Rodriguez Vargas, Phone: 760-778-0487 

    Ms. Norma Quijano, Phone: 760-778-0487 



    Ms. Michelle Marquez, Phone: 760-778-0487 x1401