• DLA (Desert Learning Academy)

    Hybrid Independent Study Program 

    DLA INSTRUCTIONAL MODEL strives to ensure distance learning is a positive experience for everyone. 

      • Most importantly, DLA uses a high-quality, rigorous, online learning platform. This system is easy to follow for students and provides parents/guardians with a portal for monitoring their child. 
      • Highly qualified content teachers are available to support students as well. The support may be via individual Zoom Sessions or small group instruction. 
      • DLA's "hybrid independent studies" method of instruction allows students to work on their own schedule during a school week to complete assigned work. 
      • Flexibility is also a key part of the DLA program design. DLA's instructional model gives families the choice of whether students want to work independently or need more frequent intervals of support.  

    DLA STUDENTS Expectations

      • Engage for a minimum of 5 hours each school day on the Edgenuity learning platform (www.edgenuity.com)
      • Participate in individual, weekly, mandatory Zoom or in-person meetings for academic review and goal setting: 
        • A once-per-week session for all students in grades 9 through 12
        • A minimum of twice per week for all students in grades 6 through 8
        • A minimum of twice per week for all students in grades 1 through 5

    DLA Satisfactory ACADEMIC PROGRESS includes the following:

      • Students will maintain a 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA)
      • Students will pass 70% of all coursework taken during a semester.
      • Students will meet 80% coursework completion as defined by the lead teacher.
      • Students will take courses in the required curriculum for High School (defined as A-G)
      • Students will participate in and complete all mandatory testing requirements in person.


    What is Edgenuity?

    Edgenuity is the online learning platform DLA uses. Edgenuity provides engaging online and blended learning education solutions. Edgenuity delivers a range of Core curriculum, Advanced Placement Courses, Elective Courses, and Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses.  The DLA curriculum is aligned with the rigor and high expectations of the State Common Core and is designed to inspire lifelong learning. The following are some examples. 

    Example of Edgenuity for Middle School and High School

    Example of Edgenuity for Elementary