• Elementary School Course Overview and Description

    (Hybrid Independent Studies)

    • Students on campus participate in science experiments, math activities, and a global project-based learning activity. 
    • Students learn digital storytelling to "tell their stories" in content across the curriculum. Writing skills are taught through integration of all subjects. 
    • Students in grades 1-5 use Edgenuity as their learning platform. 
    • For an overview of the program curriculum click here.
    • Students 1-5th take courses in Math, English, Science, & Social Studies. Some activities available depending on grade are Robotics, Digital Storytelling, and Art. 


  • Ms. Moore, Grade 1st,  760-778-0487 

    • Core Classes:  Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies 
    • Degrees
      B.A. Child and Adolescent Development
      Master in Education (in progress)
    • Teaching Credential:  Multiple Subject
    • Years in Education:  7
    • Online Learning Certification:  
  • Ms. Knight, Grade 2nd,  760-778-0487 

    • Core Classes:  
    • Degrees
      Master in Education (in progress)
    • Teaching Credential:  Multiple Subjects
    • Years in Education:  
    • Online Learning Certification
  • MR. Rexall-Scott, Grade 3rd, 760-778-0487 

    • Core Classes: English Language Arts, English Language Development, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies   
    • Degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education/ English as a Second Language, Certification in Gifted and Talented K-8, Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership  
    • Teaching Credential:  Multiple Subjects, and Administrative Services Credential 
    • Years in Education:  24
    • Online Learning Certification:  
  • Ms. Rabanova, Grade 4th, 760-778-0487

    • Core Classes: Language Arts, Math, Science, & Social Studies
    • Degrees: Bachelor's Degree in Elementary School Teaching
    • Teaching Credential: Multiple Subject
    • Years in Education: 3
    • Online Learning Certification: Edgenuity/Accelerate 
  • Mr. Ferrell, Grade 5th,  760-778-0487 x2202

    • Core Classes: Language Arts, Math, Science, & Social Studies
    • Degrees: BA in Communications; MA in Education (expected graduation on May 2024)
    • Teaching Credential: Multiple Subjects
    • Years in Education: 5
    • Online Learning Certification: