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    You Only Get 1 Chance to Make a First Impression!!  

    Do not go blindly into any possible location to apply or to have a job interview without first being prepared!!

    Being prepared and making a good first impression will make all the difference between you getting or not getting the job!

    If you walk in prepared during that first interview, it will help take away nervous anxiety you may be experincing. You will feel more confident. If you feel more confident, you will do a much better job at convincing the hiring manager on why they should hire you. 

    A hiring manager can decide immediately by how you dress, introduce yourself, and shake hands if they will hire you or not.

    You may be the best candidate, but if you don't get past the first 3 minutes of the interview it won't make any difference. 

    For those of you that have never applied for a job before or had that first interview, the following videos are a basic introduction to at least get you to a point where the hiring manager wants to know more about you and where you can sell yourself as being the best candidate.  

    There are many more videos on line you can research to help get prepared. There 19 videos in my employment playlist are all under 5 minutes each and is the MINIMUM to help prepare you when applying and going for that first interview. I recommend you watch them. 


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