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    What is Work Based Learning? Work Based Learning is a system where students in grades 9-12 are given opportunities to learn job skills in the classroom during the school day, during off campus interships with our business partners, community service, through job shadowing, career orientated field trips, and while working at paid after-school employment. 

    As the Work Based Learning Coordinator, I issue Work Permits to minors that wish to work while still in school, help organize career fairs, locate guest speakers, offer a Zero-period Work Experience Class to gain elective credits while employed, and oversee the Community Service Program. Addtionally, my office deals with helping Academy and Pathway students complete required CTE requirements for each of their respective progams. 

    • It's about helping students to 
    • Learn ABOUT Work
    • Learn THROUGH Work
    • Learn FOR Work  


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    Sam Cucciniello M.Ed / USCG Veteran
    Work Based Learning Coordinator
    760-288-7074 direct # / 760-288-7000 school#