• Middle School Course Overview and Description (Hybrid)

    Classes at DLA are moving towards a full implementation of blended, online learning.  Students spend a minimum of two days a week receiving direct instruction from highly qualified teachers. At the current time this instruction will be through live Zoom sessions. They then continue their learning at home through the use of Edgenuity courses. These courses have videos of teachers teaching the concepts, interactive practice, lab assignments, journal activities and mastery quizzes.  When students or parents need additional help, there is a live teacher available to help.

    • For a detailed breakdown of zoom schedules click here.

    Students 6th-8th take courses in Math, English Language Arts, Science, & History. PE is required. Some activities available depending on grade are Leadership and Art. 


  • Ms. Darci Syfert, 760-778-0487 x2204

    • Core Classes: English, Social Science
    • Degrees: Bachelor's degree from Concordia University, Irvine, Master's degree in Education
    • Teaching Credentials: Multiple Subject, Specialist Instruction in Special Education
    • Years in Education: 23 
    • Online Learning Certification: Leading Edge


    Additional Middle School Information

  • Mr. Svoboda, 760-778-0487 x2202

    • Core Classes: Language Arts, Math, Science, & Social Studies
    • Degrees: BS Elementary Education; MA Elementary Curriculum & Instruction; ABD: Organizational Leadership
    • Teaching Credential: Multiple Subject
    • Years in Education: 26
    • Online Learning Certification: Edgenuity/Accelerate trained 


  • Ms. Ursula Fabiano, 760-778-0487 x2206

    • Core Classes: Math, Science
    • Degrees: Bachelor’s Degree from Cal State San Bernardino, Master’s Degree in Instructional Technology
    • Teaching Credential: Multiple Subject 
    • Years in Education: 12 years
    • Online Learning Certification: Leading Edge