• 1. How do I know if my child has completed their assignments for the day and has gotten 100% attendance?

    a. Your Edgenuity Family portal progress report will show that they are green on the top bars if they are complete with today’s assignment. It will show blue if they are working on today’s assignment. If the top bars are red it means they are behind and they will need your help getting caught up.

    2. How do I get my family portal set up?

    Your students’ lead teacher will give you a 4 digit code to activate your account. You will need to activate your account using this code. See the linked video below for how to do this.

    a. Family Portal Website

    b. Activating Family Portal How-To Video

    3. How do I help my student STAY on track?

    It’s important to stick to a regular work schedule every day. Help them design this schedule and ensure that they stick to it by monitoring your family portal and their account daily.

    a. Stay in regular contact with your child’s lead teacher.

    4. How do I help my student catch up if they get behind?

    Students may view EXACTLY what assignments are due daily from their student account. Log in with your child and set a goal for when this work will be caught up based on their calendar. Log in to their account with them daily until they are on track. Their account is the most accurate and up to date. You may request a goal setting meeting with their lead teacher if you need support with this.

    5. What do all these grades mean in Edgenuity?

    OVERALL GRADE: This reflects ONLY the grade your child has earned on COMPLETED activities. This is NOT the grade they are receiving in the entire course.

    ACTUAL GRADE: Represents the overall grade adjusted for progress. If a student is behind in a course, the Actual Grade factors in zeroes for any late assignments. This grade will be lower than the Overall Grade if your child is behind in the course; it will be the same as the Overall Grade if your child is on time or ahead of schedule in the course.

    RELATIVE GRADE: is the Edgenuity grade used for a course as Final Grade in Synergy.