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    Hello!! My name is Paula Henry and this will be my fifth year as the School Counselor at Sunny Sands Elementary. I’ve created this webpage to share with students, parents, teachers and staff important information and resources to help promote student success here at Sunny Sands. It is my goal to keep this page updated, so please visit often to see what is going on at Sunny Sands.

    What does an Elementary School Counselor Do?

    As a School Counselor, I am here to provide support for all students and help students achieve academic success, career and social/emotional development, so that students can meet their personal and academic goals for this school year and beyond. It is my job to help ensure students are able to do their best at school. At times, this can be difficult because many factors go into students doing well in school --- their relationships with peers, teachers, and staff; their ability to focus and pay attention; their ability to understand and manage their feelings and behaviors; deal with problems and conflicts constructively; and sometimes their lives outside of school. Counselors work with staff, teachers, families and the community to support students by providing a comprehensive counseling program which includes education, intervention, and/or consultation.

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