• Bullying

  • Is it Rude, Mean or Bullying?



    Accidentally saying or doing something that hurts feelings or embarrasses someone.

    Also inconsiderate thoughtless, unplanned behavior, bad manners, only thinking about yourself, not meant to actually hurt anyone.


    EXAMPLES: Burping, coughing, sneezing on others, bragging about the highest grade, cutting in line, horseplay, being disrespectful, getting in personal space



    Saying or doing something on purpose to hurt someone maybe once or twice.

    Sometimes said in anger to make someone else look bad,    we usually feel regret later.


    EXAMPLES: criticizing or making fun someone’s clothes, looks, intelligence, skin, language, breaking or stealing others belongings



    Behavior that is done on purpose, repeated over time (3 or more times) and involves an imbalance of power (students are not friends).


    Types of bullying:

    • Physical: any physical contact that hurts a person (hitting, kicking or punching)
    • Verbal: name-calling, jokes about or offensive remarks about you as a person
    • Indirect: excluding others from a group, spreading lies, secrets, rumors or exaggerated stories about someone
    • Social Alienation: pointing out differences in others, excluding others from a group, and spreading rumors
    • Intimidation: using threats to frighten others
    • Cyberbullying: sending pictures, messages or information using social media, computers or cell phones.



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