• Mission and Vision for Sunny Sands


    The Sunny Sands School community is dedicated to providing an outstanding elementary school program that will enable all children to realize their maximum potential in order to lead productive lives as responsible, informed citizens.  We will provide a safe, nurturing, environment that inspires individual excellence and integrates the strengths of our diverse community.

    Our vision/goal is to prepare each student to be independent thinkers, life-long learners that are able to master their grade level California Common Core Standards in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, the Fine Arts, Physical Education, Nutrition/Health and English Language Development by providing an educational program based on current educational research and best practices.

    The staff of Sunny Sands School believes that every child should be given the opportunity to learn and succeed. As such...

    • We value each child's rights and respect the individuality of every student.
    • We provide a positive learning environment that is rich and varied in activities and opportunities.
    • We provide all students with high, yet fair expectations and set consistent standards of behavior with appropriate consequences.
    • Students, teachers and parents work collaboratively to attain mutual goals of academic excellence, personal growth, and social development.
    • We provide students with a curriculum based upon the California Common Core Standards and augmented by the special talents and abilities of our staff.
    • We recognize and reward student achievement and growth continually throughout the year.
    • We promote an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration.
    • We build self-esteem through positive interactions and activities.
    • We work in a partnership between school and home and encourage parent participation in classroom activities.
    • We actively and regularly communicate with students and their families.
    • We believe that students, too, are responsible for their learning and should come to school prepared, on-time and regularly.  
    • We provide a variety of learning models and teaching strategies to meet the needs of all children.
    • We take pride in our school and ourselves.
    • We believe that our school is a place where kids can shine!
                                                                                                                                                                                              August 2019