Social Emotional Learning

  • Every classroom begins each school day with a lesson in social-emotional learning (SEL). The day begins with a daily lesson from Inner Explorer.  Then, an SEL lesson which focuses on self awareness, self management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. 

  • Ninety-eight percent of the Two Bunch Palms Elementary School staff have been trained in Capturing Kids' Hearts (CKH). CKH is a transformational process focused on social-emotional well-being, creating and maintaining a relationship-driven campus culture, and fostering student connectedness. Each student is greeted at the door by an adult as they enter the school campus and the classrooms. Every classroom has a Social Contract created by the students and the teacher at the beginning of the year. We take pride in affirming each other and creating a positive school environment. Each month, we introduce and practice a monthly Leadworthy character-building skill that helps our students become productive citizens.

  • Pyramid of Success
    Harper for Kids Youth Character Development Program

    Two Bunch Palms Elementary is proud to partner with Harper for Kids to teach our students important character traits from legendary UCLA Coach John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success and his definition of success for children which is: Success is happiness in your heart because you made the effort, 100%, to do your best!

    Coach Wooden believed and taught that the most important responsibility each of us had to ourselves was to do everything we could to achieve our own potential. He offered his Pyramid of Success and his definition of Success as a guide, stepping stones to help young people understand what it really takes to make the effort – 100% – to fulfill their potential and do their best.

    Each month, our students will focus on one or two character traits from Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success. Classroom lessons will reinforce elements of the Pyramid of Success through readings of Coach Wooden’s children’s book, Inch and Miles: The Journey to Success and other integrated activities. 

    Harper for Kids is a children’s nonprofit organization founded by Tim & Peanut Louie Harper. Harper for Kids mission is to to teach children important life skills that will empower them to achieve their personal best in life and to help schools incorporate Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success into their character education.

    We are excited about working with Harper for Kids to bring focused character education to our students. For more information about Harper for Kids and Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, please visit their website:
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