• Principals' Message


    Welcome to Two Bunch Palms Elementary School!  The administration team, all of the teachers, and support staff welcome our students and parents to the 2022-2023 school year.  

    At Two Bunch Palms, we are committed to the mission of "preparing children to become life-long learners and contributing members in an ever-changing, diverse society".  Part of a child's education is the development of courteous, safe, and responsible behaviors and habits that will help them be successful adults.  Attendance is a shared responsibility of parents and children. Please work with us in ensuring that your child is at school, on time, every day.  Please also support us in expecting courteous and safe behavior from your child.  In turn, the staff pledges to model courteous behavior and to keep your child safe when on campus and at school-related events.

    Parents, we encourage you to establish a relationship with your child's teacher at the beginning of the year, and to keep communication open throughout the year.  Your involvement at school is critical to your child's success.  Decades of research show that when parents are involved, students have:
    ·       Higher grades, test scores, and graduation rates
    ·       Better school attendance
    ·       Increased motivation, better self-esteem
    ·       Lower rates of suspension
    ·       Decreased use of drugs and alcohol
    ·       Fewer instances of violent behavior

    Let’s work together to ensure that this school year is a great one for your child.


    Mrs. Fenton        
  • Two Bunch Palms Vision and Mission Statements

    Two Bunch Palms Jackrabbits are bounding for excellence by being safe, courteous, and responsible on the trail of lifelong learning.  

    The Two Bunch Palms community will collaboratively prepare children to become life-long learners and contributing members in an ever changing diverse society. The faculty and staff of Two Bunch Palms Elementary affirm their commitment to excellence in education. To fulfill this commitment, we are dedicated to providing learning opportunities for all elementary students in accordance with their needs, backgrounds, interests, and abilities. In our school program we strive to provide a balanced curriculum emphasizing academic and social growth. We provide the opportunity for the students to have their needs met as they develop individual abilities. The culmination of our efforts is to instill in our students a lifelong love of learning.