• School Site Volunteers


    The application process must be completed prior to the start. First, the volunteer completes the application and the school site reviews request to volunteer. The school then sends it to the District Office for fingerprint clearance.  The school is then notified when the individual has been cleared and the district continues to monitor as necessary.  This process takes multiple weeks so apply well in advance of any planned field trips. Please see the link below.



    Pyramid of Success 

    "Success is happiness in your heart because you made the effort, 100% to do your best!"

    Focus Traits:

    August- September-Hard work and Enthusiasm 

    October-Friendship and Loyalty

    November- Cooperation

    December-Self-Control and Determination

    January- Alertness and Action

    February- Fitness and Skill

    March- Team Spirit

    April-Poise and Confidence

    May- Personal Best

    This book is used to teach character building activities.

     Inch and Miles:The Journey to Success

    Use the link above to listen to the book.


    Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success