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  • Mission:

    Palm Springs Unified School District Family Engagement Center Belief Statement: It is our fundamental belief that families and community members are essential partners within a school district and that trusting and respectful relationships must be intentionally cultivated. All families are valued and encouraged to act as advocates, leaders, and stakeholders to support their child’s academic success. We recognize that sustained parent engagement positively impacts student success and academic achievement.



    Partnerships: We are dedicated to strengthening school and family relationships. We promote and utilize effective two-way communication with our families in order to establish trust, respect, and positive relationships.

    Respect: We honor and celebrate the diverse cultural values and beliefs of all PSUSD families. Families are welcome and empowered as advocates and leaders to support their children.

    Innovation: We foster lifelong learning for students, parents, staff, and community members. We strategically work to build the capacity of stakeholders, and provide access to information and resources.


    Services Offered:  

    Family and Parent Education Classes (7 Habits of Successful Families, Triple P, Educate, Equip and Support, Courageous Parenting, )

    Adult Learning & Personal Development (Parenty Academy, ESL Classes, technology classes, technology access at two centers including computers and internet, personal development workshops)

    Resources and Referrals (medical health, mental health, basic needs support, local and county resource connections, PSUSD department referrals)

    Support for Parent Leadership Groups, Forums, and Advisories (PTA, SEPAC, LPAC, LGBTQ, DELAC, PIA, LCAP)