• School Lunch Information

    Student Lunch

  • A la carte hot lunches and salads are available for students to purchase, or students may bring a sack lunch. Parents may drop off lunches or lunch money; however, students need to check in the office on their way to lunch. Passes will not be sent for students to receive lunches or lunch money. If lunch or money is delivered during a lunch period, you will be sent to the lunchroom to locate your child.

    Drinks, snacks and other food items may be purchased. Students must have their I.D. to purchase items. In case student forgets their I.D. at home, they may use their Student I.D. number to received a lunch. Parents can view student food purchases on the ParentVue.

    During lunch students must be seated while eating and dispose of food and trash in the appropriate receptacle when finished. Eating or drinking in class, in the corridors, or outside the cafeteria is not permitted. Students may not leave campus during lunch without written permission, and being signed out in the office. NNC does not have a lunch loan fund.

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