• Adopted July 1, 2011

    Sunny Sands School Rules

    1.         I will obey adults and speak to everyone in a respectful manner.

    2.       I know that I should not use bad language or call people names.

    3.       I take care of school property and keep my school clean.

    4.       I am ready to learn when the teacher is teaching.

    5.       I play safely on the playground, playground equipment and throw only balls.   (NO ROCKS)

    6.       I get a drink and use the restroom before the bell rings ending recess.

    7.       I freeze and squat quietly when the bell rings.  I walk safely and quietly to my line when the whistle blows.

    8.       I walk while on school grounds.  No running to Line up.

    9.       I keep my hands, feet and personal objects to myself.  I will not play tag or chase others.

    10.     I will wear my hat facing forward and I take it off when I enter a building.

    11.     I will not bring toys or weapons of any kind – real or imitation (pretend) –to school.

    12.     I know that I must wear appropriate clothing to school.

    13.     I know that the kindergarten playground is for kindergartners only.

    14.     I will stay out of the hallways during recess and before school.