• School Vision and Mission


    Cahuilla Elementary School’s Vision and Mission Statement


    PSUSD & Cahuilla Vision:

    Lifelong learning start here.

    PSUSD Mission:

    All members of PSUSD are united in our commitment to equity. We create deep, meaningful learning opportunities,
    build professionalism, and engage parents and community, to ensure success for all students. All students graduate with the skills,
    capacities and confidence needed to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

    Cahuilla Mission- Personnel:

    The staff of Cahuilla elementary will utilize scheduled planning time to respectfully collaborate and discuss ideas to improve the
    teaching process; Planning time will be used to guide the implementation of curriculum which will directly impact student
    achievement; Teachers will analyze student data, share effective research-based teaching strategies, and conscientiously implement
    the agreed upon action plan; Staff will share common goals for student behavior and academic success.

    Cahuilla Mission- School Climate:

    In order to advance our shared vision of an exemplary school we will work collaboratively and treat each other with respect; Achieve
    a safe, clean, and positive learning environment; Promote school unity and pride where staff and students want to be; and
    Implement a conflict-management model and recognition for good behavior throughout all grade levels.

    Cahuilla Mission- Parents/Community:

    At Cahuilla elementary we will increase community and parental involvement; We will implement a volunteer program, provide
    donations, facilitate community relations, and generate school resources. Parents are valued as an integral part of our school

    School Profile

    Cahuilla Elementary School is located in Palm Springs, California. Cahuilla serves approximately 538 students in grades kindergarten
    through fifth. Our demographics are as follows: 70.63% of the students are Hispanic, 13.57% are White, 7.99% are African American,
    and 4.47% are Filiino/Asian, and less than 1% represent Am. Indian/Alaskan Natives. We are proud to be an 1:1 Chromebook school. All students in Kindergarten-5th grade are provided a computer for use during instruction. We believe our students, as twenty-first century learners, need technology to be competitive not only in their academic
    careers but for college and beyond. We are excited to offer this program to our students and are very proud of our students for
    excelling in technology.

    Our school evaluates the effectiveness of our SPSA after SBAC scores are released, and our SSC and Leadership Team had the
    opportunity to review all student achievement data. Monitoring comments will be added to our SPSA throughout the year. Revisions
    to our SPSA, and subsequent Board approval, occurs if there are substantial budget and /or material changes during the school year.
    The SPSA is updated annually by the Cahuilla School Site Council. Our school works with the district to be in alignment with the LEA
    plan for Palm Springs Unified School District. To provide a cohesive effort at achieve site, district, state, and federal goals we work in
    conjunction with the district on the following: benchmark exams, pacing guides aligned to state standards, development of the our
    school plan, and development of school budget.


    Dr. Ryan E. Saunders, Principal