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    This page was meant to provide information to the families of our students. Please contact us if you have additional questions.

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Request for Tier II Behavioral Support

  • Parents and Guardians, 

    Please complete this form if you feel that your student is exhibiting Tier II Behaviors in multiple settings.


    PBIS.org defines Tier 2 Support as follows:

    Tier 2 support is designed to provide intensive or targeted interventions to support students who are not responding to Tier 1 Support efforts. Interventions within Tier 2 are more intensive since a smaller number of students requiring services from within the yellow part of the triangle are at risk for engaging in more serious problem behavior and need a little more support.

    Common Tier 2 support practices involve small groups of students or simple individualized intervention strategies. Tier 2 support is designed for use in schools where there are more students needing behavior support than can be supported via intensive and individual Tier 3 support, and for students who are at risk of chronic problem behavior, but for whom high intensity interventions are not essential. Tier 2 support often involves targeted group interventions with ten or more students participating. Targeted interventions are an important part of the continuum of behavior support needed in schools, and there is a growing literature documenting that targeted interventions can be implemented by typical school personnel, with positive effects on up to 67% of referred students. Targeted interventions also are recommended as an approach for identifying students in need of more intensive, individualized interventions. Specific Tier 2 interventions include practices such as "social skills club," "check in/check out" and the Behavior Education Plan.

    Individual PBIS plans at the Tier 2 level involve a simple assessment to identify the function a problem behavior serves (Functional Behavioral Assessment or FBA) and a support plan comprised of individualized, assessment-based intervention strategies that include a range of options such as: (1) teaching the student to use new skills as a replacement for problem behaviors, (2) rearranging the environment so that problems can be prevented and desirable behaviors can be encouraged, and (3) monitoring, evaluating, and reassessing this simple plan over time.


    Students who enter Tier II/III support will have a disciplinary incident entered with the disposition of Referred for Tier II Support. Parents will also be contacted before the support begins.

  • This form will begin taking responses during the 2019-2020 school year.

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