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    Listening and Speaking Resources
    Here are a few other resources for listening activities: http://www.manythings.org/
    When you are on this website, search for listening activities or the reading with audio or this link: http://www.manythings.org/e/listening.html

    Here are some resources on the drive too that we made to support the Listening portion on SBAC but could also work here:

    Also, the Speaking and Listening handbook has activities (a few) for listening:

    This might be helpful too:

    Reading Can Be Done/Fun At Home!
    • Select a book based on your level.
    • Read silently using your finger.
    • Share about your book with your partners.
    • Complete a Circle Map about your book.
    • Write down vocabulary words.
    • Log your reading into your reading log.

    Writing Can Be Done/Fun At Home!
    • Write sentences or a paragraph based on the book you are reading.
    • Sentences need to have capital letters and periods.
    • All letters need to be the same size and written on the lines.
    • There has to be spaces between words.
    Support for Newcomer Students on Wednesdays! Click Here

    Also, please continue to help students master language arts; grade necessary standards, we use a variety of frames.  These frames allow students to formulate and hold academic discussions about the texts we read in class, and connections to their daily lives.  Students can use these questions/ response frames when doing homework ( Science Fair Projects), talking about different topics around the dinner table, out with friends, etc.