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     ParentStudent       As a PSUSD parent or guardian, you have the ability to monitor your student's progress throughout the school
           year.  ParentVUE gives you the access to view real-time academic information for all of your students through a
           private and secure website.  

          Anytime, Anywhere Access! The portal keeps you and your student connected, no matter where  you are
           or the type of device 
    you are using.

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    • Review the teacher’s Grade Book to check grades and test scores.
    • View upcoming assignments.
    • Set alerts to notify you if student’s scores drop below a certain percentage in any class.
    • Access your child's state test reports.  No more waiting for them in the mail.
    • Easy to use.  


    • Student Attendance
    • Ability to report your child's absence
    • Messages from your student’s teacher
    • Classroom Calendar
    • Student’s Class Schedule
    • Grades (for Secondary Students)
    • Class Websites
    • Course History (for HS students)
    • Assignment Calendars
    • State Test Results



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  • FAQs


    Q: How do I get a ParentVUE account?
     A: Your child's school can provide you with an activation code to set up your account. 

    Q: I have an activation code. How do I create my ParentVUE account?
    Please see "How Do I Create My ParentVue Account?" instructions on left side of page.

    Q: My account has been disabled.  How do I re-enable my account?
    For security reasons, ParentVUE will disable your account if a password is entered incorrectly more than three times.  Please contact your child's school to re-enable your account.

    Q: What can I do if I forget the password to my account?
    A: Please follow the steps below to reset it.  You may also visit your child's school office for assistance.
    Go to the ParentVUE/StudentVUE portal

    • Click on I am a parent
    • Under the username and password field, click on Forgot your password?
    • Enter the email address you used to activate your account

    Click Send Email to receive an email with a link to reset your password.  

    Reset Password

    Q: I clicked on "Forgot Password" in ParentVue and never received the email response.  What do I do?
    A: Please verify that you are checking the same email account you used when you created your ParentVue account and that you are signing in via Palm Spring Unified's ParentVue Portal.  The email will come from noreply@psusd.us.  Make sure it has not been blocked or categorized as spam from your personal email provider.

    Q: How do I change my password?
    A: Select the My Account tabClick the Change My Password link in the yellow section at the top of the page. 

    Q: Do I have to create an account for each one of my children?
    A: No.  All of your children should be listed under one account.  

    Q: Why don't I see all of my students on my account?
    A: If you do not see one or more of your children listed, please contact that child's school. The office will verify that the ParentVue permissions has been added to your parent profile and that your  parent acccount information is accurate.

    Q: How do I navigate from one child to another within the same ParentVue account?  
    A: All children linked to a parent in Synergy will have their names listed in the menu at the top of the ParentVue homepage.  Click on a child's name to view his/her information.

    Multiple students

    Q: Can each parent/guardian have their own account?
    A: Yes, each parent with Ed-Rights is assigned an Activation Code and create their own account.

    Q: Why are grades entered every few days for one of my children, but less frequently for my other(s)?
    A: Given the variety of classroom and instructional reasons, some teachers may update the gradebook more frequently than others. Also, due to the complexity of the assignment and the time it takes to ensure that the scoring is careful and thorough, some assignments may take longer to grade than others.

    Q: Why does my child's grade fluctuate from day to day/week to week?
    Reasons may vary...

    • Early in the grading period, there may be fewer graded assignments, and so occasional high or low grades will have a greater influence on the cumulative grade/score.
    • Teachers may have weighted some assignments more than others – so certain assignments may count more heavily towards a cumulative grade.
    • Teachers may allow students to redo an assignment in certain circumstances. Assignment scores and cumulative grades may increase as a result. Or it might just be that updates, changes, or corrections are being made to the grade book.

    Q: Why can't I see my student's report card?
    A:  This feature is currently unavailable. 

    Q: Can I access ParentVUE from my computer instead of using the app?
    A:  Yes, simply visit the PSUSD website and log in via the ParentVUe Portal