• Dress Code

    We encourage all students to comply with Agua Caliente School’s dress code policy. The goal of our dress code policy is to encourage a safe and orderly learning environment. Students are focused on learning rather than appearances.  The following items will be acceptable for students to wear in meeting the Agua Caliente Elementary Dress Code Policy:


    Khaki-colored, dark blue pants, blue jeans, shorts, or skirts and a plain royal blue, navy blue or white tee-shirt, collared polo shirt, or blouse.  Any school shirt may be worn.


    Tennis shoes or closed toe shoes.  No flip-flops. Please remember students go to recess and/or PE daily.


    1. Clothing that is NOT acceptable includes:  extremely short shorts, bathing suits, tube tops, bare midriffs or revealing tops, clothing with obscene/offensive logos, language, or drawings, clothing advertising or promoting alcohol, drugs, violence, or illegal substances
    2. Articles of clothing, jewelry, or accessories in the school’s opinion that pose a threat to the physical or psychological well-being and safety of the student or others is not allowed.
    3. Clothing or articles of clothing/accessories related to a group which may provoke others to acts of violence or intimidation of potential violence are not allowed.
    4. Sunglasses should be worn outside only and prescription glasses only can be worn inside.
    5. Shoes must always be worn at all times.
    6. Hats may be worn outside for sun protection.  They may not have inappropriate writing on them or be worn backwards.