• The staff at Landau Elementary care about the education of all students and are committed to giving each child the best possible education! 


    Vision Statement:

    It is Landau Elementary’s vision to prepare our students for the rapidly changing world, while implementing innovative practices within a positive and engaging atmosphere.


    Mission Statement:

    The Mission at Landau Elementary is to build a strong school community by developing partnerships with families. We provide rigorous academic learning and utilize progressive technology to promote critical thinking and problem solving skills. Our collaborative teaching practices are both reflective and responsive, while maintaining enthusiasm about the teaching and learning process. We have a personal commitment to each student to create and maintain a safe learning environment by fostering positive social-emotional growth to ensure that each student has the opportunity to pursue their life goals.


    Collective Commitments:

    In order to achieve the shared vision of our school, Landau Elementary staff have made the following collective commitments:

    • We will engage in open, two-way communication with families by providing ongoing information about their children and offer specific ideas or resources to help families become full partners in their child’s education.
    • We will plan and implement effective differentiated instruction and strategies to meet the unique needs of each student in small and whole group environments and make changes to keep students engaged and challenged.
    • We will commit to provide intervention and enrichment opportunities.
    • We will actively participate in positive and productive professional learning communities which focuses on student achievement.
    • We will collaborate with our team using evidence of student learning and common data to improve our instructional practice to meet the needs of each student.
    • We will commit to create and use results of ongoing common assessments to drive instruction.
    • We will continue to learn about new technology practices and incorporate these practices into our daily lessons to create 21st century learners.
    • We will agree to use the common language about behavioral expectations and consistently reinforce using our social-emotional curriculum.
    • We will agree to have a growth mindset and hold ourselves accountable to be a positive role model for all students.
    • We will contribute to a culture of celebration by acknowledging the efforts and achievements of our students and colleagues as we continually strive for even greater success.