SEPTEMBER 17TH, 2019 Agenda

Posted by Richard Haga on 9/1/2019


Palm Springs High School

School Site Council

September 17th, 2019
 Room 303
3:15 P.M.


Administration                                   PSHS Certificated Faculty

         Mr. Brian Hendra ____                         Ms. Veronica Silva____

                                                          Mr. Shawn Kirby _____

                                                    Dr. Jason Powell ____

                                                     Ms. Allyson Boylan ______


                    PSHS Classified Faculty

                                                          Ms. Patricia Warren ____                   


Parents                                             Students

Ms. Brianne Schuld ____                    Miss Lawna Noble_____

Ms. Silvia Signoret _____                    Miss Mia Scott____

Ms. Dee Dee Wilson Barton_____       Miss Melisa Figueroa ____


  1. Call Meeting to Order


  1. Public Comments


  1. Mandatory Training with Director of State and Federal Programs Mr. Mark Arnold


  1. Review and approval of minutes from the April 30th, 2019 School Site 

Council meeting 


  1. Funding Requests
    • Friday Night Live Club
      1. Revised 2019-20 Spending Plan
        • Title 1 Additional Allocation of Funds $12,069
        • Title 1 Parent Involvement Additional Allocation of Funds $579
      2. Data
        • Test Scores
        • Discipline
        • Attendance
      3. Selection of 2019-20 Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Secretary
      4. Schedule Meeting Dates for the 2019-20 School Year           
        • Proposed Dates: October 21st, December 2nd, February 24th, April 27th 
        • Possible 5th meeting date to be set at a later meeting. 
        • Potential Meeting start times 7:00am, Noon, 3:15pm
      5. Adjournment