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Principal's Message

January, 2019


As we begin the second semester at Mt. San Jacinto High School I am excited about so many things!  At the beginning of the school year, staff met to develop a school slogan; as you can imagine among so many passionate educators, developing the right message was important to everyone.  After much discussion and editing, the staff wanted to make sure the slogan conveyed the very essence of why MSJHS exists.  The outcome—a simple statement with much more meaningful context.  The slogan for Mt. San Jacinto High School:  “An alternative path to success.”

Here is a list of accomplishments that demonstrates that MSJ students are on the path to success:

  • MSJ students are earning credits at a record pace, based on the changes made this school year to offer students an accelerated curriculum that allows students to earn credits more quickly than at a traditional high school.
  • Student attendance has never been higher! Students understand that with an accelerated curriculum comes the need to attend school regularly.  MSJ had an attendance rate of nearly 95% for the first semester, a record for the school.
  • Suspension rates are down at MSJ. With a “Do the Right Thing” campaign underway to reward students for positive interactions and a multi-tiered approach to behavior interventions for students, students are spending more time at school, in class learning.
  • Additional art programs available to students have led to students demonstrating and learning some hidden talents. A beautiful new mural was painted on the MSJ campus located on the Edward Wenzlaff Education Center, a podcast on skateboarding was developed by students at MSJ-EWEC, and a podcast is being developed by MSJ-CC students, which will be released soon.
  • College of the Desert began teaching a series of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) courses on our campus after school Monday through Thursday. We had 12 students successfully complete the class first semester and we are looking for increased enrollment this semester!  Students completing this series of courses will be able to go into certification programs in a variety of related fields at COD.
  • Teachers have received specialized training in working with students who have undergone traumatic life events. This allows teachers to better understand the plight of some of our students and gives them the tools and skills to better assist students refocus on their growth, both academic and socially.

I look forward to working with all of the students and parents to ensure students receive the best education possible and redirect student on a path to success.



Brad Seiple, Principal