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District Unveils New Logo, Vision, Mission Statements

With the start of the 2018-19 school year, the Palm Springs Unified School District (PSUSD_ has unveiled a brand new logo and vision and mission statement. Supt. of Schools Dr. Sandra Lyon presented the updated vision, mission and to staff at the District’s Welcome Back meetings earlier this week.


Following an extensive work session that incorporated the work done by the District stakeholder “Guiding Coalition,” the Board of Education arrived at a powerful and meaningful vision statement: “Lifelong Learning Starts Here.”  


The new equally relevant mission statement is : “All members of Palm Springs Unified School District are united in our commitment to equity. We create deep, meaningful learning opportunities, build professionalism, and engage parents and community, to ensure success for all students. All students graduate with the skills, capacities and confidence needed to succeed in a rapidly changing world.”


Click here for Mission, Vision and Belief Statements. 


The yellow and orange in the new logo reflects the desert sun and, at the same time, does not conflict with our District schools’ colors. The visual element alongside the name references sun rays, and the six arms represent the six primary cities PSUSD serves. The new logo will be used consistently throughout all District signage and printed materials moving forward.


The logo for the Foundation for PSUSD has also been redesigned to coordinate with the District logo.