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10/16/19 - PSAT



On Wednesday October 16, 10th graders and A-G 11th graders will be sitting for the Practice SAT (PSAT).  This is a test designed to see what information our students know.  The College Board uses these tests to identify College Readiness.  October 16th is a Late Arrival day (Wednesday), but test takers are to arrive like a regular school day.  The test begins at  8:00 am.  Students are encouraged to bring their calculators and Number 2 Pencils.  Study Guides for the test have been distributed in Social Studies classes. This test day is part of our schoolwide College & Career Kick Off as we help our students prepare for life after high school. For more information about the test, please visit


“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple”

-Dr. Seuss