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    Parent Notification Regarding Distance Learning Guidelines


    Dear parents/guardians:

    As you know, our teachers are currently using live distance learning sessions, such as Zoom, to educate students.  By allowing your students to log in, you are providing consent for this form of communication for instructional purposes.

    Please note, teachers may be recording their instruction, if a teacher feels that something being covered in the video may need to be made accessible to students after the class. This will be done without recording students’ faces.  Distance Learning sessions are equivalent to in-person classroom sessions. Accordingly, students are expected to adhere to all classroom behavioral expectations and California Education Code 48900 and 48915 . Students who use inappropriate language, share inappropriate images, or behave inappropriately in any way on a video conference will be subject to appropriate discipline. Students may not record or take pictures of distance learning sessions without teacher and principal permission.  Likewise, parent interaction should be limited to helping their own child, if necessary, just like in a classroom.

    Distance Learning sessions are also occurring in multiple student homes, so please understand that other individuals, including siblings and other family members, may be able to hear what is happening in the live virtual meeting session. There is no expectation of privacy. It is the parents’ responsibility to monitor their student’s use of the Internet and devices especially when students are involved in classroom discussions or video conferences.

    The PSUSD Online Learning Code of Conduct that follows outlines the specific expectations for Distance learning sessions. This Code of Conduct will ensure a successful and productive learning experience for students, families, and teachers.


    Palm Springs Unified School District Online Learning Code of Conduct

    Distance Learning sessions will be the tool to provide direct instruction and keep students connected. The following code of conduct will ensure that effective, efficient, and distraction free learning will continue for our students during live virtual meeting sessions. Students who fail to comply with any of these expectations may be subject to appropriate discipline.

    We understand that students and families may have circumstances or internet connectivity issues that prevent them from joining a live session. If this is the case, please message your teacher so they can provide you with information to help you stay current with the most recent instruction.


    Please see the following expectations for Distance Learning Sessions


    Webcam Etiquette

    During Distance Learning sessions student’s webcam should be turned on when they come into the session. If there is a reason why your child’s webcam cannot be on during the distance learning sessions, please contact your child’s teacher so you can discuss the situation and make accommodations, as necessary.  Because of this, students must be fully clothed, not in underclothing or pajamas, or wearing anything that is immodest or contains vulgar images or profane language. Distance learning sessions are intended to simulate a classroom environment, therefore, please do not lay in bed, or walk around the house. Please do not set up live sessions in home spaces where privacy is expected, such as washroom areas. Also, try and avoid any part of the home where multiple people will be present as this may be a distraction for other participants. If your location is noisy please be sure to mute the microphone in consideration of others. Students should position themselves so that they are sitting up at a table or similar environment where they would be able to take notes as necessary.  Parents/guardians who are supporting their child should remain outside of the camera’s view. 


    Please note, any images in the background can be distracting. To the extent possible, please have the student setup in an area where there are no images of any kind in the background.


    Accurate First and Last Name on Profile

    Only the student’s first and last name as listed in the Synergy portal may be used during distance learning sessions.  Profile images should only include appropriate photos of students. Do not use inappropriate, humorous, or otherwise distracting images.


    Appropriate Virtual Backgrounds

    “Virtual Backgrounds” can be distracting to other participants, and must be appropriate for a learning environment.



    Language in all discussion and in chats must be appropriate and free from lewdness or profanity. Use your words to build others up and to enhance the learning environment. All prohibitions on bullying behavior will be enforced.  Parents should not be posting in chats or having individual conversations with other children or the teacher during class time.


    Protection of Privacy

    Protect your privacy and the privacy of others. Do not share other student’s private information, post stories or pictures of other students or any other item that involves another person. Do not share any usernames or passwords with any individuals.